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How to create an author box for guest bloggers on your WordPress?


Deciding to blog is a great thing. Especially if you are ambitious and willing to invest a lot. However, things do not always go as smoothly as they first seem. There is no worse thing than when adrenaline breaks down a problem for us. Are you investing and giving up a lot, and the turnover is still not increasing? The catch would be that if your target audience still has not found you –...

Managing a Product Blog and What You Need to Know?


Operating a blog for a product is a challenge unique to marketers. Ultimately, the product is the main focus, and we’re more knowledgeable than advertising it in every blog post. Today’s buyers can easily discern ads in the majority of instances. They seek authenticity and want to understand how your product will benefit them in everyday life. What is a product blog? A blog about...

How to Add an Author Box in WordPress


If you don’t already have an author box on your WordPress blog, you could be losing a lot in terms of credibility and user confidence. And not just that, but also transparency, subject authority, and other factors that drive user base growth on every blog. Since there are many efficient and easy-to-follow tutorials on how to an add author box in WordPress, there is really no reason to land...

The Ultimate List of SaaS Tools Every Blogger Must Have


In today’s time, many bloggers have found a way to monetize their blogs by selling and promoting merchandise, soliciting donations from readers, or with affiliate marketing programs. Simply put, a blog is a website that is maintained by a blogger. Blogs have certain topics and are regularly updated by blog posts. The software is located on external servers, instead of on in-house servers. The...

How to Get Google AdSense Approval to Monetize Your Blog


If you have a site, blog (or something else) going on there, you must be wondering how in the world are you going to start generating money with it. Now, there are a couple of ways how one may generate profits through one’s site, but we won’t be talking about all of them, but rather just one! And the one is Google AdSense. You have probably already heard of it, heck if you haven’t then you...

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