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Why You Need Professional Log Management and Monitoring


Your site is truly lacking if it isn’t already using log management and monitoring. By having a clear view of what’s occurring at all times, you’ll be helping your site to run more efficiently, which can have a positive impact on customer experience. Using a quality log management tool can make this happen without having to worry about doing all of the internal tracking yourself...

Why Your Site Design Should Include Stronger CTAs


The entire goal of your website is to attract new customers and keep current ones educated and interested. Not only do you need to drive traffic to your pages, but once people are there, you need them to convert into leads and clients. You probably already have CTAs on your pages, but are they the best they can be? Discover five main reasons why they may need to be stronger. 1. Direct Users Where...

How to Boost Your Online Store with Google Shopping Insights


The world of online shopping has expanded dramatically over the years, and the income that you can make from a good online store is beyond imagination. It takes some courage, creativity, ingenuity, alongside a pinch of experience with strong knowledge of the products you’re about to sell, and if you mix those ingredients properly, you can make a profitable business that your competition will envy...

Six Business Investments to Consider This Year


Smart business owners invest in their companies as profits allow. Some things have a direct return on investment (ROI) and are easy to measure. In contrast, others require a bit of insight and forward-thinking, such as analyzing employee engagement and customer satisfaction. According to one survey of 1,377 technology and healthcare founders, 60% felt business conditions would improve going...

Top 5 URL Shortener Services


You got it all right, your text is playful and powerful, your emojis are on point, and your message is ready to be spread, but there is that one thing that pokes your eye – the pesky link that you inserted is all across the screen of your audience that keeps them as far away from clicking as possible. It looks sloppy, messy, and to mention suspicious with its countless characters, which...

5 Mistakes WordPress Developers Make When Trying to Speed Up Their Website


I know what you’re thinking, “I have a speed plugin/caching plugin on my site; that’s all I need, right?” Especially when it comes to your SEO results. People think that because their website is not ‘extremely slow,’ that means they’ve done their job. Actually, not only is shaving even .5s off the load time going to improve user experience drastically, but it can drastically improve the organic...

The WordPress Specialists