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How Employee Monitoring Software Can Drive Efficiency in the Workplace


In the dynamic landscape of the modern workplace, optimizing productivity and fostering efficiency have become paramount goals for organizations striving to stay competitive. According to statistics, organizations that boast engaged employees demonstrate a 17% increase in productivity. As businesses navigate the complexities of remote work, evolving technologies, and the need for seamless...

Top 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Supply Chain Process


Supply chains are the lifeline of your eCommerce business. It doesn’t matter if you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, you are still a part of a complex logistical network. In order to ensure the smooth, risk-free, and profitable operation of your business, it is important to optimize your supply chain processes to perform to the fullest. Supply chain optimization is the process of...

Outreach Automation – to Use It or Not to Use It?


Anyone with an email address has, at some point, received a promotional email from some company. You may have purchased some of their products in the past or just shared your contact info with them, but hardly could you avoid being targeted in at least one campaign as a potential buyer. Automated outreach emails are a part of the marketing automation process, and various businesses or...

8 Reasons Why Your Online Business Should Emulate Amazon


While you shouldn’t try to compete with a mega-giant like Amazon, you can learn from the things that make them so successful. Their customer experience (CX) model is one of the best around. In the first quarter of 2020, Amazon hit about $75.45 billion in net sales. The retailer grows year after year, despite world events and negative impacts on the global economy. While you shouldn’t...

Top 5 Task Management Software To Handle Your Team’s Tasks


When you’re running an online business, things tend to get messy occasionally (frequently is probably the more accurate description). Tasks can build up, and if you are behind your schedule, oh boy, you’re in for a treat. You have to arrange your activities, social media posts, meetings, track progress, and so much more to handle. If you are working in a team-based environment, it can get much...

How Much Traffic is Your Website Getting: 5 Useful Tools


Your website is the platform you use to connect with your clientele. Whether you operate an active blog or have an online-based eCommerce webpage, you need to continually drive traffic in order to reach your revenue goals. Knowing how you can track traffic statistics is key to both maintaining and creating an active website. Web Analysis If you are using a Loggly java log analysis tool, this...

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