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Protect Personal and Sensitive Information With The Best SSL Plugins for WordPress in 2022


Nowadays, SSL is widely used as the basis for the security of a website. SSL is a vital factor in every website’s success since it does the necessary things to avoid hackers and unwanted visits. Aside from that, it prevents any kind of viruses and other harmful software that may harm your online place. It is a shorter name for Secure Sockets Layer, and its only duty is to keep the...

WP Force SSL: Fix All SSL Difficulties Within Seconds


For years, a solid SSL certificate and a correctly configured website have been important SEO ranking considerations for any website. It’s more challenging to get things set up correctly if you have done anything infrastructurally significant to your website. However, this can include moving your site to a new hosting provider, converting to HTTPS, or even changing your domain. Thankfully...

Tools for Developing Custom WordPress Plugins


As online technology is fast (and always) evolving, it’s critical to understand how to use modern technology to catch pace with your competitors and avoid losing out on valuable work. Although every new tool comes with a learning curve, being an early adopter allows you to stay on the top of your game. One good way to determine whether technology is worth trying is to give it at least six...

The Best Post Grid Plugins for WordPress: Build Easy-To-Navigate Websites


Navigating your way through a website can sometimes be a bit mind-numbing. Especially if you are trying to find something and it’s your first time on the website. Just the process of boring and endless scrolling can irritate you, right? Sometimes it can even lead the person to the point where they will leave the website and never return. It is essential to think about a quick way to get...

Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress Sites That Will Enable You to Improve Engagement With Visitors


Online shopping and general existence on the Internet feel quite impersonal, and honestly, that is true. Sure, the Internet does offer opportunities for parasocial relationships in a lot of cases, but what about when you’re shopping? If you’re unsure about something, IRL, you’ll just turn to an employee, ask them and get your answer in no time. It’s a different story...

Best WordPress WhatsApp Plugins: Become More Accessible by Adding an Extra Communication Channel


As of right now, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. With its stunning growth over the last few years, it swept the competition off of its feet. Hence, it really is no wonder why WordPress plugin developers decided to make plugins dedicated to WhatsApp. For those that need a bit of a refresher, WhatsApp is a free instant messaging app with which you can message, voice call...

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